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How the red-and-green plant came to be a Christmas perennial, and its connection to this city, is the story uncovered by correspondent Mark Strassmann.For more info:‘TIS THE SEASON: Menorahs: Let there be lights | Watch Video Hanukkah, the Jewish “Festival of Lights,” is a time for family and dedication, a tradition that wouldn’t be complete without lighting at least one menorah.

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C., and not understand that the poinsettia has a special place in the community.For more info: | Watch Video The singer-songwriter is out with a new album, “Stranger to Stranger,” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart. nationals born in the American territory in the South Pacific are only confirmed some rights. If your cable box or Tivo is set to record “CBS News Sunday Morning” you should be good to go!Lee Cowan stops by Paul Simon’s home and studio to try and find the secret to his success. For more info: | Watch Video The veteran CBS newsman and former host of “Face the Nation” shares his thoughts about this year’s election. ELECTION: The history of voting (Video)Jane Pauley explores the history of ballots and voting machines at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D. HEADLINES: Powerful quake strikes central Italy (Video)Another powerful earthquake struck central Italy Sunday morning.This year it once again sits atop Billboard’s Holiday 100, and is the most-downloaded song of Carey’s career. The restaurant Lucille’s, a Houston institution, carries on her traditions. For more info: NATURE: Turkeys (Extended Video)We leave you this Sunday Morning before Thanksgiving among the wild turkeys at the Allegheny National Forest near Foster Brook, Pennsylvania. MOVIES: Meet the magical cast of “Fantastic Beasts” (Video)“CBS Sunday Morning” producer Sara Kugel talks to the cast of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” and finds more magic behind the scenes of the new film based in J. ALMANAC: The mechanical cow milking machine | Watch Video On November 13, 1930, a N. dairy farm introduced the Rotolactor, a rotating mechanical cow milker. HISTORY: Restoring a World War II aviation gem | Watch Video Lee Cowan shows us a B-29 bomber rescued from the boneyard, and the people who helped launch it back into the skies.Ben Tracy talks with Walter Afanasieff, who co-wrote the song with Carey, about what it’s like to create a holiday classic. For more info: DESSERT: Cakes from a dessert island | Watch Video Smith Island, off the coast of Maryland, is the source of a multi-layered cake with a delicious word-of-mouth reputation. FROM THE ARCHIVES: “The Twentieth Century”: The Sailing Oystermen (Video)Walter Cronkite hosts this documentary that examines a disappearing way of life for Chesapeake Bay skipjack sailors, dredging for oysters under restrictions aimed at preserving a dwindling supply. ART: Sir Elton John’s album Elton John began collecting photographs when he got sober 25 years ago.For more info: | Watch Video Conor Knighton continues his trek through our National Parks, visiting the only U. The magnitude 6.6 tremblor was the strongest to hit the nation in 35 years. HEADLINES: FBI head’s letter “deeply troubling” (Video)A defiant Hillary Clinton is criticizing FBI director Jame Comey’s controversial letter to Congress, just days before the election, saying the agency is investigating a new batch of emails belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedin and which are said to number in the thousands.

Jeff Pegues reports a new search warrant has still not been obtained.

Twenty-four members of this production will be making their Broadway debuts, including the leading man, Josh Groban.

For weeks now, the 35-year-old singer has been putting in grueling 12-hour days to get ready.

Rita Braver reports on the adult coloring craze, with visits to bestselling artist Steve Mc Donald (“Fantastic Cities”), and art therapist and author Lacy Mucklow (“Color Me Happy”).

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Art by the numbers (Video)Critics sniffed, but paint by numbers was a popular fad in the 1950s.

From late-night TV to satire and political cartoons, Lee Cowan takes note of what’s made this difficult year a laughing matter.