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Now this is entirely correct, if you understand the population movements in North Africa you know a mixed Eurasian and African population expanded into Syria.

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Do women know this, and high-five each other after sleeping with guys far more attractive than themselves, realizing all the while that they will someday end up marrying a guy that is much less attractive than what they've experienced until he came along?Sorghum looks like it tracks the domestication of the donkey too, so again not a good case for the pristine discovery of agriculture there (well into Neolithic era). White ware vessels from the near East were made of lime plaster, and pottery seems to be an independent discovery from Iran about 10k ago.Also, the pre pottery neolithic isn’t as aceramic as it seems, as there area lot of fired clay statues from the era, and even the odd pot from the era.Let this be a lesson to everyone; always pay bills by cheque and keep the statements/bills for at least a year. So essentially British Gas are trying to scam us out of about £600. Once I’ve got this sorted out we are swapping over to a bloody pre-payment meter with another company for both gas and electric. I always get one cold after another and end up feeling like crap around my anniversary (been with the old man 22 years tomorrow).The girl has a hacking cough and the boy has conjunctivitis. I’ve been checking over some of the older material in the blog, which I now realise needs some major corrections.Bearing in mind that it seems to take about 1,500 years for cattle to show a physical change and that they spread pretty rapidly, there should have been fully domesticated African cattle all as far as West Africa by 7,500 years ago, but this didn’t happen, and you see domesticated cattle turning up with the Asian sheep and goats.

Not a great case for a pristine advent of pastoralism in Nubia.

This is after changing our pre-payment direct so it was down to £5 a month from £25. They still refuse to explain why they did they did that.

Anyway, they won’t allow me to access my accounts financiial details on line, and when asked to provide my billing info for the last year (a reasonable request and I’m pretty sure I’m legally entitled to see it) they sent me the last two statements (the buggered up ones) but omitted to send the three I’d actually asked for (Jan, Apr and Jun ’08). Anyway, today, found slid down the back of my hallway box seat I found the June electricity statement which shows me ‘being in debit since January.’ I’ve had a word with the local post office, and apparently they do keep a record of cash payments made through them (thank god I use the same place every time) and we’re getting hold of our bank details to prove our direct debits have been used to pay the entire bill (we paid cash whenever it went over what the pre-payment covered- I’m not mad, the husband remembers it too, even if BG swear blind we never did). Filed under: diary entry | Tags: diary | I hate this time of year.

Pottery doesn’t really get going until 8k BP in the area (oldest 8,300 bp). Filed under: diary entry | Tags: diary | An odd title, but it’s my diary so I’ll call it what I like.

I’ve been looking up Afro Asiatic languages and ascertaining their location and dating from the technology and animals seen. there are just too many words for camel for it to be more than 2,200 years old. Domesticated camels only appear in North West Africa pretty late in the day, about 2,100 years ago. I’m guessing there was an expansion from one tribe that overtook all the others, although I suspect the root of the Berber language arrived with the Neolithic, same as the Egyptian, from Asia with the Neolithic. Edit: Interesting to see that Berber is grouped with Semitic and Egyptians by Ehret (Boreafrasian).

The relatively high demand for females means that women have more and better sexual options.