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I called Sony for service but they said they had no service company in the Savannah or Charleston area. The technician checked the TV and said it needs a whole new screen and "TCON" circuit board.Sony does not stock parts in the US and I was told it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get the parts, but they could not say for sure.

I called Sony, they are offering a new TV for $900. National TV Repair Jacksonville In-Home Repair, 6 Days A Week. Sony TV Lamp Sale Sony Original OEM TV Lamps on Sale In Stock, Your Lamp will ship Today Scottrade Official Site$7 Online Trades. Sony has supposedly offered to repair our TV for 6,000 Pesos stating this is a discount.I'm still making payments on this TV and they wanted me to buy another one. Next step is to contact an attorney and open a lawsuit. If there ever is a class action suit filed, I want to be part of it.The Uniform Commercial Code, fully adopted by most states, stipulates that most new consumer products come not only with an express warranty, but also with a so-called implied warranty of merchantability. When a couple of hours have passed, I would turn the TV on and would get black lines with double images on my screen. This has been going on for 2 weeks and is only getting worse. It's time to teach these companies a thing or two about getting their products made with crappy components from overseas, subsidizing jobs, and, ultimately, hurting the American people. yesno9/19/11 The Sony TV started showing signs of a bad panel 1 year and 3 months after purchase, or 3 months after the warranty had ended. If the part was available it would cost $3,000 to $3,400 for complete repair. yesno10/7/11 I purchased a Sony 46" Bravia TV in August 2009. After reading all of the other consumer complaints, I am surprised that Sony has done nothing to resolve the situation. And I will tell everyone that I know about Sony's lack of responsibility for a product it manufactured. yesno10/6/11 Related: Sony Home Theater| Polaroid TV| Philips & Magnavox| Samsung TV| Vizio| XM Satellite Radio| Panasonic LCD TV| Sirius Satellite Radio Ads by Google Wholesale TV Advertising National, Regional and Local Spots as low as $26 It was working great until June 2011, when the screen went out with many lines and I am unable to see the picture clearly. Consumer DIRECTV Official Site The Best Offer Ever! NFL SUNDAY TICKET Now Included TV is less than 2 years old and the repairman says the LCD panel is bad. We purchased a 32" Sony Bravia TV in Mexico at Wal-Mart, Nuevo Vallarta on December 2009.It would clear up after 30 minutes but a horizontal black line would stay permanently on the screen.

I contacted Sony and they asked me to have an authorized technician from them to make an inspection and after that, they'll present me some options.

They offered to sell us a lesser model of a 52 inches TV, but we declined.

We are not going to give Sony anymore of our money!

I paid over $100 from my money for the technician to come and not even touch the TV with one finger, just used the remote control to turn it on and then fill the paper with "LCD needs replacement", cost of replacement $2700. Sony called me the next day to present me the "options" who suddenly became "the option".

They wanted to offer me a TV of a discounted price.

After the parts come, they can schedule the next appointment.