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Lenovo power manager gauge not updating

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I have mine set so that untill my battery drops below 90%, it will never charge the battery.Once it drops below 90%, my system will continue to charge it until it is at 100% capacity.

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The Battery Information tab is a computer geek's paradise.Of course, if you don't like this, there is an option to turn it off as well so that no matter what, your system always charges to 100%.Power Manager helps you save energy by reducing the running cost of your Think Pad.This screen exists because most people do not follow best practices to ensure their batteries will last for the long term.Most people keep their notebooks plugged in all day.Sadly, this is one of those utilities that people consider "junk in the preload" and do not bother to download and reinstall after they wipe their systems clean and do a scratch reinstall of Windows (another topic for another day). Take the battery status icon found in the system tray (please). What else would explain why it can tell you that you have 35% of your battery remaining one minute, and the very next minute tell you that your battery level is critical and you need to connect to an AC adapter immediately. They have to work on all notebooks and can only report status that is given to them by the power management drivers provided.

Many are familiar with Think Pad Power Manager through the little icon down by their system tray that alternates from showing % charged when plugged into AC power and x:xx minutes left when running on battery power. One of the advantages to designing our own notebook PCs is that we have the ability to control and monitor hardware like few other vendors out there. They communicate with each other and dynamically adjust power properties so that you can get the most battery life out of your system possible.

This icon alone to me would be worth the hassle of reinstalling this utility. We have two chips in our Think Pad notebooks designed just for power management functions. One of their functions is to determine based on current system processing load how much time it will either take to charge the battery or how much time you actually have left on battery power.

Unlike Windows, they are accurate because they have been specifically designed for our systems.

You can use power management to reduce the power consumption of a device and maintain and preserve the state of the file system in RAM in the Reset, On, Idle, and Suspend power states.

You can create and schedule sophisticated energy saving events that automate your Think Pad, and reduce your running costs.

First you should insure that you have the latest bios update for your system. Go to the "battery information" tab and then hit the "battery maintenance" tab. I updated the BIOS and PM software, but my machine does not support the batt maintenance features.