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Dagen mcdowell dating rush limbaugh

MCDOWELL: In Section 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act -- VELSHI: I'm really not that familiar with being condescended on.RUSH: So this guy, Ali Velshi, was suggesting what is against the law.

RUSH: Okay so what this guy was telling Ali, "Ali, the thing you're afraid of actually happened from the day the internet was invented until 2015 when Obama put net neutrality laws on it. It's Obama who has changed access to the internet in the last two years." But Ali Velshi doesn't get this.We don't need to get down in the weeds here and let them establish some premise and debate them on the premise. The notion that climate change poses a threat to national security. How does climate change affect the Iranians and their seeking of nuclear weapons? How does climate change affect genuine national security? How does climate change have an impact on illegal immigration? "Well, Rush they're coming up here 'cause it's so hot down there where they live." No, wait. You advocates forget, it's not gonna happen for 30 years.So you can't say that they're coming because it's getting warmer, because it isn't!He thinks that there has never been a free and open internet until Obama came along and made it free and open two years ago.Next question: "But if Facebook wants to say that they'll spend a billion to subsidize your internet plan so that you pay less for your monthly fee, but Facebook gets preferential treatment, if a startup tries to launch a competitor to Facebook and if I don't have that money to pay, I could get slow speed and people will say, why would you ever use my service as opposed to existing one that paid for the fast one?And this was leading to more and more people tuning in and watching it, which of course is not the idea. We do not want to create an audience for this bunch.

And I said, "I am willing to broom some of the admittedly entertaining aspects of the program for the larger cause of not helping this network grow.

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It's against the law for these big guys to subsidize certain people they choose over others, and it would trigger anti-trust legislation before net neutrality and after it.

And Velshi (imitating Velshi), "I'm sensing you're dropping a lot of legalese on me, and I don't feel like we're having a fair conversation," because he's getting his ass creamed because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

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