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Dagen mcdowell dating rush limbaugh

And I heard of an interview that happened late last week on MSNBC with Ali Velshi. He's an economic dunderhead, but he thinks he is an expert on everything.And he literally doesn't know 90% of what he claims to be an expert on. "The internet, as we know it today, and the things most people consume, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, those companies came about because small startups had access to this fantastic internet.

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Next question: "But if Facebook wants to say that they'll spend a billion to subsidize your internet plan so that you pay less for your monthly fee, but Facebook gets preferential treatment, if a startup tries to launch a competitor to Facebook and if I don't have that money to pay, I could get slow speed and people will say, why would you ever use my service as opposed to existing one that paid for the fast one?He's interviewing Robert Mc Dowell on PMSNBC, the former FCC commissioner, who is just making mincemeat of this guy Velshi.Velshi knows it but he doesn't think anybody else does, and so he's trying to cover up for that. Now, if you recall, the Obama administration and I think even the Bush administration had elements in it, and the U. military -- and I'm not kidding you on this, the U. military, particularly in the Obama administration, labeled climate change as a threat to national security.They listed climate change as an element that needed to be considered in strategizing training missions and so forth.VELSHI: Look, I don't feel like we're having a really, a really fair conversation here. VELSHI: I'm trying to have a conversation on the -- on the merits of the principle of unintended consequences of reversing net neutrality, and you're dropping a lot of legalese. VELSHI: We know full well that the Federal Trade Commission -- MCDOWELL: The legalese are the merits, though, Ali.

That's what's at play here, and maybe you haven't read these laws, you don't understand them -- VELSHI: I'm very familiar with net neutrality, Robert.

Now, as you know, we have a ban here on the network MSNBC.

The reason for the ban is that I finally that figured out by constantly calling attention to what was happening on that network, I was creating curiosity about it.

" What he's wanting, his question, why can't we get Facebook, a rich guy, to subsidize a startup? So he wants Facebook and existing big guys to subsidize startups because he thinks this new internet law, net neutrality, will eliminate startups, which he's dead wrong about, but here's the answer.

MCDOWELL: Section 1 and section 2 of Sherman Act and section 3 of Clayton Act, you just triggered all three of those sections, that would be an anti-trust violation.

And this was leading to more and more people tuning in and watching it, which of course is not the idea. We do not want to create an audience for this bunch.