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Germany, distributed by Arxon - Kuschel Kinder means Cuddly Kids Italy - I Bamboli del Campo Incantato means Field of Enchanted Dolls Sweeden - Kal Ungarna translates to Cabbage Kids Finland - Kaalitarhan Tenavat means Cabbage Nursery Peanuts Denmark - Kålhoved børnene translates to Cabbage Children Tsukuda, a factory in Japan. They produced Caucasian kids only with head molds 1-4. The eye paint on them never set completely, so the eyes would stay sticky. Triang only produced Caucasian kids with head molds 1-4.The Tsukuda kids have beautiful complexions and butterfly patterns in the eye paint. They produced head molds 1-4 and A/A and Caucasian kids. The papers have only one name written in English and Japanese. Replica Clothing There are some amazing seamstresses that make clothing replicas and collectors that will pay high prices for them.

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The beautiful porcelain color can shift to a yellowish/green color.They are still beautiful with slight sea-sickness, just don t display them next to a tan Jesmar for example, it will exaggerate their sick look.KT factory kids are tiny, small well formed hands and smaller eyes sometimes. On the 4 KTs they have one arched eyebrow, it is so cute. Bean Butt Babies were from the WS and SSfactory and are prone to pox as well.Spain - Cabbage Patch Kids was in English, but all of the writing on the box and the adoption papers were in Spanish.England, distributed by Ideal - Cabbage Patch Kids France, distributed by Ideal - Les Patoufs translates to The Kids Not to be confused with French Canadian Coleco kids which have P tits Bouts de Choux on the box. These kids are very hard to find in good condition.Most of the Jesmars had freckles, but some do not and they were generally taller than Colecos.

Jesmar kids were distributed to many different countries so the boxes and papers were in several different languages.

Pox is a mold or fungus that grows in the plastic and is activated by extreme climates Keep those P and PMI kids cool and dry.

IC and UT factory kids have small, firm bodies, beautiful porcelain like complexions, big eyes, and good blushing.

The very first Coleco Kids had embroidered tags, they are very rare. Coleco A/A Preemies had brown tufts and Caucasian Preemies had tan or yellow tufts. Special Editions of full size kids in 1986: Astronauts, All Stars, Circus Kids, and Cornsilk Kids Preemies re-introduced in 1987. Splashin Kids, kids that were meant to be played with in the water and Talking Kids came to market in 1987. A lot of the Designer Line Kids are marked Coleco, including the boxes.

Coleco Boxes 1983 Coleco boxes have no date banner on them. 1985 Coleco boxes have a 1985 date banner.1986 Coleco Boxes have a banner that says The Official instead of a date.19 the box colors changed and the Banner stays The Official like in 1986. Couture Kids appeared in Canada wearing fur coats and hats in 1984. Cabbage Patch Babies Bean Butt Babies were introduced in 1986. In 1988 13 inch Toddlers The Kid in the Middle and Growing Hair Kids were introduced. Coleco Factory Characteristics The Good, the Bad the Ugly After collecting for awhile, you may prefer certain factory kids, I love Jesmar and Tsukuda kids.

Look for the factory code which is 1, 2 or 3 letters, sometimes accompanied by a number.