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Tips on internet dating profiles

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Too much information, and they may feel overwhelmed to the point of non-interaction. Try to come up with something honest, succinct, and with just a little bit of a cliff hanger. 18:2), and no one will be overwhelmed with novellas of surplus information.Almost everyone loves a good laugh, but too much humor can seem suspicious. They may also be joking a lot because they don’t have much else to say.

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Inviting people to learn more about you is as easy as sharing information that will attract like-minded individuals. It just means you have to choose pictures that present you correctly.A guy may love 6 of your photos, but if that 7th picture makes him wonder just how attracted to you he actually is, he will likely move on to the next profile.I saw a web comic the other day that likened Facebook status updates to a guy with a megaphone announcing things to every person he knows.Yet the things we announce then go out to people we don’t know.It’s common sense to keep confidential information to yourself – that includes addresses and phone numbers. Getting to know another person doesn’t mean you have to tell them each of your secrets as soon as possible.

Be wise in what you share, because the Internet will keep it forever. That kind of intimacy should be earned, not freely given.

This isn’t to say that they have identical beliefs on every large subject – just the biggest ones.

Weave your values into every question you answer so there can’t be any surprises down the road.

Profiles that are full of negativity often get skipped over.

Stick with optimistic, welcoming comments instead of lists of things you aren’t looking for in a mate (Romans ).

Unless you want to have a life that feels like a soap opera, don’t mess with facts and qualities you wish weren’t true.