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Almost two weeks after the storm abated, most of the island’s residents still lack access to electricity and clean water.

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After a magnitude-7 earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, President Obama ordered a massive military and civilian response.The president’s tendency to take criticisms of the effort personally has not seemed to help either. And how should we even understand the Puerto Rico disaster?To help get a handle on the storm, I put together a timeline of the major events in Puerto Rico before and after Hurricane Maria made landfall.Roisin O'Connor looks at how streaming, fans and the internet have helped the globalisation of international hits Donald Trump says that his administrations response to the disaster in Puerto Rico deserves a grade of 10 out of 10, even though much of the island is still without power nearly a month after Hurricane Maria smashed through the US territory.GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico – FEMA and the Government of Puerto Rico are not stopping the provision of commodities in Puerto Rico.These commodities are stored in various warehouses throughout the island.

There are more than 3,000 federal employees continuing to support the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, including 1,500 local hires who are assisting in their own recovery.

But were the bad effects of Hurricane Maria made worse by a slow federal response?

Democrats and other critics have implicated President Donald Trump’s dawdling response to the hurricane—he did not hold a Situation Room meeting on the disaster until six days after landfall—in the low quality of the relief effort.

FEMA and the Government of Puerto Rico will continue to provide commodities to voluntary organizations and local officials who have a need for resources in their communities.

There was never, and is not now, a decision to stop distributing commodities on the island.

Bush and Bill Clinton joined Obama at the White House to announce the Haiti Fund, a multimillion-dollar philanthropic appeal for the foreign country.