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Bisexual teen chat

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It’s also a space for the voices of bisexual youth to be amplified as they share their experiences, offer support to each other, and highlight the need for more awareness on the issues bisexual youth face.These issues include, but are not limited to, bisexual erasure from LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ spaces, the prevalence of biphobia in those spaces, and the truth about bisexuality within nonbinary relationships.

Misconception: Bisexual people only date cisgender men and women.Misconception: Bisexual girls only identify as bi for male attention. And to assume that girls are doing anything solely for male attention is just plain creepy.Misconception: Bisexuals are always down for threesomes/polyamory Rowan: Some bisexual people are comfortable with polyamory but not all bisexuals are, just the same as gay, straight, etc. Miguel: Just like not all bisexual people are attracted to both boys and girl equally or like just those two genders, not all bisexual people are comfortable in the same relationship settings.Seeing how trans boys are boys (just like cis boys!) and the same for trans girls, a bisexual person seeing it differently than that has nothing to do with the sexuality itself but more the person.Katie: Many people think that since the prefix “bi” literally means two, bisexuality means attraction to two genders.

In reality, for many of us, the “bi” in bisexual means attraction to genders like our own, in addition to attraction to genders different from our own.

These statements are rooted in ignorance, and must be challenged.

Misconception: Bisexual people can’t make up their mind Rowan: Bisexual people have made up their mind: they chose bisexuality.

Misconception: Bisexual people are “confused”/actually gay or straight Luis: Someone says they’re gay, then there gay, if someone says they’re straight, they’re straight, when someone say’s they are bi, then they are bi. While it is true that some monosexual people initially come out as bisexual, that doesn’t invalidate the experiences and feelings of people who truly are bisexual.

Attraction to two or more genders is not only possible, but incredibly common!

Alex: No sexuality is inherently more accepting than another.