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17 - Evolutionary Showcase The best examples of evolution have proven worthless.

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Third and finally, the median networks built using our dataset change the phylogeny of the entire haplogroup.These tests are validated for use by sponsors of IBEW/NECA electrical apprenticeship programs.They have been developed to assist in the selection of apprentices for the respective apprenticeship programs.9 - Natural Selection Why natural selection only makes changes within species.10 - Mutations Why mutations cannot produce cross-species change.3 - The Origin of the Earth Why the Earth did not evolve out of a molten state.

4 - The Age of the Earth Why the Earth is not millions of years old.

The fact that an applicant is not scheduled for an oral interview, as a result of this test battery, does not speak for the applicant’s ability, or lack thereof, to be most successful in many other occupations.

This test was specifically developed to assist our program sponsors, helping them to select those who are most likely to succeed in our Many apprenticeship programs receive large numbers of applicants - four, five, six or more times the number of new apprenticeship openings (as defined by the limited number of job and training opportunities being available at a given time).

19 - Evolution, Morality, and Violence Evolutionary theory is ruining modern civilization.

20 - Tectonics and Paleomagnetism The truth about plate tectonics and paleomagnetism.

A study of the L1c haplogroup of the mitochondrial DNA.