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The box super not updating

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I bought a used 2002 Electra Glide Ultra Classic and it came with the VCI in a box. I went to the HD site and downloaded the tuning software. from my read I have the black box VCI I guess there's a difference this one is considered the street tune and not the race tune. What is the street tune and the other is the race tune.

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It again wanted to update the VCI I selected ok and this time I did not get the error message... I am not an experianced tuner but I am sure I will get it right.Maybe it’s just me, but I always assumed tuna were like a foot long for some reason.Also, in the last panel, Sydney originally called Dabbler a “god damned sex witch” because I wanted Gwen (Zephan’s goth assistant lady) also showering in the background with an offended look on her face, but again, no room. Holidays are throwing me off, sorry for the late page! It’s probably a little hard to tell, and originally I wanted those panels to be larger with fish and whatnot in the background.I’m pretty pleased with how my wet skin work came out on this page, enough that I think the rest of the comic is just going to take place in the ladies shower. In my head, this plays out like a movie, so there’s always room for everything I want.If you’re using your Controller app and you can’t seem to play music on your system, or even find a system, it may be because your Sonos speaker and your Controller device are on different Wi-Fi networks.

To work, the Sonos Controller app needs to be on a device that’s using the same internet connection as your Sonos speaker.

I’m used to only seeing them in can form.” Tuna really are humongous.

Depending on the species an adult can weigh from 130 lbs to 1,500 lbs.

Not sure how/if this relates to your situation, but it might be worth searching the HTT forum and reading the thread...

They were discussing adding some text to the update function (again way over my head) that would fool the tuner into thinking it had been updated and allow it to work as before....

I found an old version of the software on this post https:// I downloaded the software leaving the other version right where it was. Well that's not the end, Right click on the icon and select run as administrator.... It took almost a full min before something happened and it opened. I connected my dongle VCI to the computer then to the bike...