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If at any point you would like some assistance, please call our librarians at 341-5461 or use our Ask a Librarian service Below you will find just a sampling of the many health reference titles available to you at Middletown Thrall Library.Since these are "reference books" and cannot be borrowed, they are always available to researchers!

“I covered up my head and shut my mouth and had a ball,” Elliott says. (Hundreds of health books in our circulating collections can be checked out.) Call numbers follow each title, indicating where you can find these items in our Reference shelves. Please select a topic scroll down this page to browse specific titles, or click here to explore major health topics in the library system catalog.Our Government Documents area (located near our magazine/periodical room) also provides a number of health documents, reports, studies, statistics, and more.“I’ve eaten at Newman’s three times this week,” he says.Keep your eyes peeled, and you might even spot Elliott at Saturday Market. “Yeah,” Elliott says, “so I looked just as weird as the rest of ’em.It’s that inimitable baritone; a deep, sonorous drawl that’s addictive to the ears, can make women melt and make men half his age wish they had just half his machismo. We’re in the middle of an interview.” Balazs’s Columbia Bank co-worker, Delores Wilson, has already mustered the courage to politely interrupt this conversation and ask for a photo with the star of one of her favorite shows, “The Ranch,” the Neflix sitcom about a dysfunctional Colorado family that also stars Ashton Kutcher and Debra Winger.

His is the voice that tickled audiences as The Stranger in the 1998 Coen Brothers film “The Big Lebowski” with lines such as: “Well, a wiser fella than myself once said, ‘Sometimes you eat the b’ar, and sometimes the b’ar, well, he eats you.’ ” The voice you know from Coors beer, Dodge Ram and American Beef Council ads. Both women apologize, and Elliott complies — as he does when it happens again and again over the course of a couple of hours — snapping a selfie with each of them before they return to work at the bank next door to Starbucks.

Two of those reviews — Rolling Stone and The New York Times — have used the term “national treasure” in describing Elliott and his performance in the touching comedy-drama. But he’s also getting some early Oscar consideration, as these online headlines attest: “Give Sam Elliott the Best Actor Oscar Now” — Rolling Stone. Elliott, who has never been nominated for an Academy Award, doesn’t put much stock in reviews or Oscar predictions eight months ahead of the March 4 ceremony. 9, 1944, in Sacramento to Nelson Elliott, a predator control specialist for the U. Department of Fish & Wildlife, and Glynn Elliott, who later taught at Reynolds High School in Troutdale.

“That’s another one of those things — you have no control,” he says. He has an older sister, Glenda, who lives in Southern California.

Your searches are free." From NCCIH and the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Therapeutical uses/values of music and types of therapies. See also their About page for these additional sections: Definition and Quotes about Music Therapy, Music Therapy in the Media (news clippings). National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.

"Created specifically for students, knowledgeable consumer health researchers and health care professionals, Health Reference Center Academic integrates millions of articles from a wide range of full-text nursing and allied health journals, newspapers, magazines, newsletters and select consumer health information sources with full-text reference works and hundreds of health-related multimedia.""Each volume in the Health Reference Series is an easy-to-use and authoritative source designed for lay readers-consumers with no specific medical knowledge.