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Dating insecure man

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Self-esteem should come from within, but even those who are the most immune to the judgment of others may experience insecurity brought on by the words or actions of someone else at times.

Women already are judged under a much different standard than men, and men commenting on their outfits is just another stark reminder of the double standards between men and women.It may make you feel as though your partner isn't attracted to you in your most natural state, or was only ever attracted to you in the first place thanks to the makeup you were wearing.If these kinds of comments hurt your feelings or make you feel insecure, speak up and let him know, because he may truly have no idea what impact his words have on you.It's human nature to have certain insecurities, whether we worry about our looks, our personality, our skills (or lack thereof) and what other people think of us.Hopefully, the people around us lift us up and make us feel better about ourselves, but that isn't always the case.After all, it could be nothing, and you could be driving yourself crazy with curiosity, insecurity, anger for no reason!

Something else to keep in mind: if you expect to be entitled to seeing whatever he does on his phone, he should get the same entitlement with your phone.

Women are under constant pressure to look a certain way and being told what to eat by anyone, let alone the man we love, can be really hurtful and trigger a lot of damaging feelings.

If a man comments on what you eat, you might take it as him implying he wants you to eat differently or eat less because it will make you thinner, and thus more attractive to him.

We often see women lamenting over their husband or boyfriends' clothing choices in movies and on television, saying things like, "Ugh, I wish he would throw that old football jersey out!

" Most men seem to laugh these things off or just give in to what their partner wants them to wear.

It may also make women fear their partner is seeking a new relationship or looking to replace them altogether.