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Assigned task not updating

For related topics, see: If you exceed the number of items allowed on your task board, you'll receive a message indicating that you need to reduce the number of items or increase the maximum number of allowed items (TFS only).

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In your daily Scrum meetings, your team can view progress made to backlog items and tasks from the sprint task board.The archive command appears to have worked as they now see an "archive" folder on the bottom of OWA and a "Online Archive - [email protected]" mailbox in their Outlook client.The problem is that there is no data in this folder.If they've discovered that it's taking longer than expected to complete, they should increase the remaining work for the task.Remaining work should always reflect exactly how much work the team member estimates is remaining to complete the task.For an overview of the features supported on each backlog and board, see Backlog, board, and plan views.

To customize the task board to include more or different columns, you need to customize the workflow.

Work with sprint burndown charts to monitor progress, manage scope creep, and mitigate risks.

As you can see, the task board provides a lot of support for your Scrum activities.

Simply drag tasks to a downstream column to reflect if they are in progress or completed.

When you move a task to the Done or Completed column, the system automatically updates the Remaining Work field to 0.

Tasks without links to parent backlog items or user stories appear at the top of the task board.