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Updating mailscanner

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Edit /etc/Mail Scanner/Mail and make sure the following options are set: • Quarantine User = root • Quarantine Group = apache (this should be the same group as your web server) • Quarantine Permissions = 0660 • Quarantine Whole Message = yes • Quarantine Whole Message As Queue Files = no • Detailed Spam Report = yes • Include Scores In Spam Assassin Report = yes • Always Looked Up Last = &Mail Watch Logging Spam Actions and High Scoring Spam Actions should also have ‘store’ 12.

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This should then be run daily from cron: you can do this by running #echo “/usr/local/src/mailwatch/tools/quarantine_–clean” /etc/cron.daily/mailwatch_quarantine_#chmod x /etc/cron.daily/mailwatch_quarantine_then execute: #/etc/cron.daily/mailwatch_quarantine_10.I'm attempting to add/install Mail Scanner to my ubuntu 11.10 desktop configuration running postfix.I tried installing the latest 12.04 LTS but it had neither Mail Scanner nor qpopper package, 11.10 has qpopper so this is the release I went with.Start with simple thing such as setting site and company names.When you are more comfortable with it, work on the rules files. Download the source tarball in latest stable version is 1.0.3. Uncompress the tarball file in /usr/local/src #tar zxvf mailwatch-1.0.3gz #cd mailwatch 3. Edit and Copy Change the $db_user and $db_pass values accordingly and move Mail to /usr/lib/Mail Scanner/Mail Scanner/Custom Functions #vi #mv /usr/lib/Mail Scanner/Mail Scanner/Custom Functions 6.

DBD-My SQL PHP configuration (php.ini) as follows: • short_open_tag = On • safe_mode = Off • register_globals = Off • magic_quotes_gpc = On • magic_quotes_runtime = Off • session.auto_start = 0 Install also PHP-GD, PHP-My SQL #yum install php-gd #yum install php-mysql 1.

Create by copying example and edit the values to suit, you will need to set DB_USER and DB_PASS to the My SQL user and password that you created earlier #cp example #vi For Mail Scanner verions 4.43 or later, you can activate the new functionality by setting QUARANTINE_USE_FLAG to true in – if you do this, you must disable the clean.quarantine script supplied by Mail Scanner and use the new quarantine_script in the tools directory instead To disable the clean.quarantine script edit /pathtomailmailscanner/bin/cron/clean.and change from $disabled = 0; to $disabled = 1; #vi /etc/cron.daily/clean.quarantine To clean the quarantine, set ‘QUARANTINE_DAYS_TO_KEEP’ in and run ‘./quarantine_maint –clean’.

Change the permission of /var/www/html/mailscanner/images and var/www/html/mailscanner/images/cache # chown root:apache images # chmod ug rwx images # chown root:apache images/cache # chmod ug rwx images/cache 9.

We have made this feature available from version onwards.

In case you don't have this version please upgrade to it by taking latest updates or by downloading latest setup.

Find the application monitor rule for the AVG email scanner application and double click it.