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Rami chris project runway dating

who proceeded to make a final collection out of human hair.

Season 10The Boris and Natasha dynamic of Dmitry Sholokhov and Elena Slivnyak was worthy of its own spinoff, and they were both incredible designers.In the end, PR created a superstar in 21-year-old Christian, who made that ridiculously amazing finale collection from his tiny apartment. It's still crazy that Jillian's Twizzler dress didn't even win anything.This season didn't just have great fashion, it also had its share of big personalities, drama, Elisa Jimenez spitting on her clothes, and Jack Mackenroth having to leave for medical reasons, bringing back beloved Chris March...Plus, amid all the big characters were down-to-earth talents like Kara Saun to show us that PR was really serious about fashion and not just drama.3.Season 3As SNL's Stefon might put it, Season 3 had everything -- memorable unique designs, big personality clashes, major controversies, and a few heroes and villains of note.(Tim Gunn "hated" Season 14, but there have been worse.) Every season of PR is a precious, unique little rhinestone, but, like the judges, we have our favorites -- and now it's OUR turn to be biased.

So here's our very subjective but still definitive worst-to-best ranking, which may only be challenged by a glare from Nina Garcia, an eye roll from Michael Kors, a "make it work" from Tim Gunn, or an "out" from Heidi Klum.13.

Jeffrey Sebelia ended up winning, even though he fought with Angela's mother, his "everyday woman" client (leading her to cry) and was accused (but cleared) of cheating in the finale.

His final collection was strong, but so were the very different but still impressive pieces all season from Laura Bennett, Mychael Knight, and the perpetually robbed Uli Herzner. They could do anything and we'd be here for it.) Keith Michael was disqualified for rule violations, including having pattern-making books, but, overall, this season is still more memorable for the good things -- like the fan favorite designers and the strong fashions -- than the controversies.2. Season 2 of "Project Runway" is hands-down the funniest and one of the most entertaining seasons of any reality TV show ever.

It's a bonus that this season had so many likable but still unique and different people worth rooting for, with not that many "reality TV personalities," especially toward the end.8. It still seems so random when she was doing so well, but there were a lot of strong designers this season, a lot of big but still likable personalities to root for, and a little bit of controversy to keep things interesting.

Seth Aaron Henderson did some standout work in 2010 (and he'd go on to win "All-Stars" Season 3) but Emilio Sosa, Mila Hermanovski, Maya, Anthony Williams, Jay Nicolas Sario, and -- bless her -- Ping Wu made for a memorable season (in a good way).7.

But she wasn't even as bad as time bomb Sandro Masmanidi, who quit, or Ken Laurence, who just got way too mad.