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Just walking through the narrow streets and alleys, never mind the shrines holy to three faiths, one is immersed in history.The Old City covers roughly 220 acres (one square kilometer).

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Work began on them in 1537 and was not completed until 1541.This $20 million Shekel ($5.75 million) project will provide handicap accessable ramps, hand rails, and other accommodations so handicap individuals can access areas that they were unable to before.The construction will take place in The Jewish Quarter, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the City Of David, all of which had areas that were previously inaccessable to people in wheelchairs and walkers.The ruling Ottoman Turks opened it so the German Emperor would not have to dismount his carriage.It was announced in August 2014 that the Old City was going to have some work done to make the city more accessable to handicap patrons.Just inside Jaffa Gate, on the left beyond the Tourist Information Office, is a small enclosure with two graves nearly hidden beneath the trees.

These are believed to be the graves of the two architects whom Suleiman had rebuild the city walls.

This was to prevent enemies on horseback from charging full-speed, straight ahead through them, and to make it difficult to use a long battering ram to break them down.

Also, you can see above some of the gates, such as Zion Gate, outside the Armenian and Jewish quarters, a hole through which boiling liquids could be poured on attackers.

To prevent him from coming, the Muslims sealed the gate during the rule of Suleiman.

You may notice the original gates are angled so that you can't enter directly into the city without making a sharp 90-degree angle turn.

By contrast, the tall, square tower is 2,000 years old and was built by Herod.