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Simultaneously, wash and disinfect all the equipment from the house.Repair and maintenance to the house and / or equipment should be done during this time.

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This allows time to reduce the build up of disease-causing organisms and to prepare the house effectively for the next flock.In commercial layers farms an all-in all-out system is the best management practice as it prevents the build up of disease causing organisms and disease outbreaks.In cases where farmers want to keep flocks of different ages, then each flock MUST be housed in its own house, and have a distance of 10m between the units.Cement floors are the best finish as they are easier to clean.There should be a foot-bath at the entrance to the house for those entering the house to disinfect their foot ware.The wall can be made from off-cuts, iron sheets, silver boards or bricks.

The rest of the side to the wall should have a wire mesh.

The roof of the house should have a reflecting surface and be pitched with overlaps.

All these factors aid in ensuring that the house is comfortable and well ventilated.

In the tropics, the ideal house is open-sided to allow natural ventilation and have an east- west orientation to minimize the amount of sunlight entering the house directly.

It is important that the house be rectangular in shape and have walls not higher than three feet on the longer side.

To reduce the risk of rodents gaining entrance into the flock house, clear all the vegetation in an area 3-4 meters around the flock house.