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He was equally aware of massage parlour etiquette and recognised the sign the girl was putting out.He opened his legs wider and on the next sweep upwards as he expected the hands did not stop.

He grunted and widened the angle of his thighs to give her more room.Despite that, unlike some of their friends and acquaintances they still got on well and they still had a reasonable though ordinary sex life.Like many husbands, Guy would have liked to experiment more. "Neither just your soft fingertips." The man replied.He would have loved to have had anal with her or got her to let him cum in her mouth, but she had never offered either and when he had tried she had refused. In those moments during sex when a couple have the chance to talk and discuss their fantasies she had always rejected any of his suggestions on including another woman, not that he knew anyone, or man in a threesome and had flatly refused to even discuss joining a swinging group. "I take it you want a sensuous massage," the auburn haired girl in her late twenties said looking at the client who was wearing just a towel round his waist as he leaned back with his bum on the massage table. " He smiled, pleased so far with the choice he had made from the three girls who were offered to massage him.Clio as she asked to be called was a big girl, but was as good as perfectly proportioned.At first he thought it was an accident and it may well have been, but it was repeated a couple of times and the same thing happened when she moved round the table and did his other leg.

Usually he got hard when the girl was doing his upper legs and sometimes he needed her to touch his balls before his erection grew.

Today, though he was nearly hard before she even started going near to his sexy bits.

Finishing beneath the knee she moved onto the upper parts.

She did his shoulders and back first, then his lower legs and feet.

Usually this was the boring part of a massage, but she changed that firstly by her hands slipping onto his bum and she squeezing each cheek.

The thought of that and what else was to come made him start to harden.