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He is a level 5 Summon which deals non-elemental damage to all enemies and is obtained after the fight. \n\n","caption":"Field sprite (i OS).","link Href":"\/wiki\/File: FFV_Bahamut_Field_Sprite_i OS.png","title":"FFV Bahamut Field Sprite i OS.png","db Key":"FFV_Bahamut_Field_Sprite_i OS.png"},,]" data-expanded="0" Bahamut is an esper acquired after defeating Deathgaze on the Falcon.

So indomitable is His strength that He has never known defeat.A Bahamut-like summon called Gun Dragon appears in Final Fantasy: Unlimited.His signature attack, Megaflare, sometimes translated as Sun Flare, is a great breath of energy concentrated into a beam and fired to opposition, which deals non-elemental magic damage that ignores defense and evasion.The Bahamut strains that appear are Bahamut, Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO.Summoning Bahamut, Neo Bahamut or Bahamut ZERO against Emerald Weapon has an effect on its AI, making it less likely to use Aire Tam Storm.To be given this challenge, Rydia must already be in possession of the Leviathan and Asura summons.

Bahamut has two guards who take the form of children, and he has admitted Rydia was the first he ever accepted.

The class upgrades are: The Warriors of Light travel to Canaan where they find a girl waiting for her love, Desch, to return. When reaching the top, they enter into battle with Bahamut.

This first battle cannot be won and the heroes must flee.

Most, if not all, will be able to equip more types of equipment.

Bahamut can be found underneath the Cardia Islands.

Later in the game, after obtaining the Invincible, the heroes may visit Bahamut's Lair to battle him.