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On the i Phone, users don’t get the list of permissions when they install the app, but when they use it, permissions pop up individually.

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It explains that the app requires permission access to the device’s camera, microphone, list of contacts and other information.One blog from the Huffington Post published in December has gone viral, making the rounds on the social network recently because it claims the app gives Facebook “direct control over your mobile device” and allows Facebook to call phone numbers without a user’s intervention and send text messages without confirmation, but none of that is accurate.In truth, Facebook Messenger isn’t any more invasive than Facebook’s main app — or other similar applications.For example, the app is faster, it offers a selfie cam and stickers, and can be used to reach people on your contact list who are not Facebook users.• Chinese Names Characters with the meanings of "gifted", "handsome" and "clever" were often chosen by parents as well wishes for their children to be beautiful, capable and intelligent. — Reality: Facebook’s terms of service are the same for all its mobile apps, including the main Facebook app. What’s upsetting people is the list of “permissions” they see when they download and install the app on an Android phone.

It’s a long list with 10 items, each of which states that the app needs access to features on your phone including contacts, calendar, location data and Wi-Fi information. But it’s the same data most messaging apps have access to.

Yajie: When you walk into the bank and see crowds of people, you may ask somebody ʣҪȶ೤ʱ䣿(qing3 wen4, xu1yao4 deng3 duo1chang2 shi2jian1)Cam: ʣҪȶ೤ʱ䣿(qing3 wen4, xu1yao4 deng3 duo1chang2 shi2jian1)Yajie: (qing3 wen4) excuse me. Cam: (wo3)YJ: , x-i-a-n-g, the third tone, want to. Yajie: ҽ绰ѡ(wo3 jiao1 dian4hua4fei4)Cam: ҽ绰ѡ(wo3 jiao1 dian4hua4fei4)Yajie: (wo3), I.

Cam: Ҫ (xu1yao4) Yajie: (deng3), d-e-n-g, the third tone. Cam: (deng3) Yajie: ೤ʱ(duo1chang2 shi2jian1), how long. Yajie: ʣҪȶ೤ʱ䣿(qing3 wen4, xu1yao4 deng3 duo1chang2 shi2jian1)Cam: ʣҪȶ೤ʱ䣿(qing3 wen4, xu1yao4 deng3 duo1chang2 shi2jian1), How long is the wait? Conversation1: Cam: Okay, I need to withdraw some money from the bank. YJ: You can sayȡǮ(wo3 xiang3 qu3 dian3 qian2)Cam: ȡǮ(wo3 xiang3 qu3 dian3 qian2)YJ: (wo3), I. Cam: Ǯ(qian2)YJ: ȡǮ(wo3 xiang3 qu3 dian3 qian2) I want to withdraw some money. By the way, how do you say I would like to pay my phone bill.

— Myth: Facebook will direct the app to send SMS, or text, messages without your permission.

— Reality: One of the permissions does say that Facebook can edit, receive, read and send SMS messages.

Anyway, its still a useful expression when you are waiting in other cases. Yajie: ҽ绰ѡ(wo3 jiao1 dian4hua4fei4) I would like to pay my phone bill. Conversation2: Cam: How do you say Can I transfer this into American funds?