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A grandmother was so disgusted by the filthy conditions and neglect on a hospital ward that she bathed and cared for the patients herself.

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A local news outlet which appears to have interviewed the girl, named as Cielo Gonzales, along with her sister Jenalyn, captured footage of them dressed in pyjamas with dirt-streaked faces sitting on the side of a busy road on a flattened cardboard box.After a while we realised that there was a huge demand for the fatter mature women.Turns out a lot of men want to have sex with a BBW. It is just as popular now as it was three years ago when we set it up.The kind-hearted pensioner was so appalled by the conditions in the hospital that she bathed, washed and tucked in the frail elderly patients herself.The grandmother-of-seven said fellow patients were distressed after being left without water, and when she went to the pantry to clean their glasses, she found it in a ‘disgusting state’.When one elderly lady got no help after repeatedly complaining to staff she was cold, Mrs Halsall was moved to search a store cupboard for a blanket.

The former hairdresser even washed and bathed one lady who needed help to clean herself and took another pensioner to the toilet after staff continually ignored her requests because they were ‘too busy’.

Pensioner Joyce Bates, who was also on the Appletree Ward as she underwent physiotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis in her legs, hailed Janet a 'heroine'.

Widower Mrs Bates, from March, Cambs., said: ‘I don't know what we would have done without Janet.

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