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Is stacy and clinton dating

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Stacy: I do think we’ve gotten a lot of people to hem their jeans and wear jackets, dark wash jeans and pointy toe shoes!PHOTOS: 5 Style Lessons from What Not to Wear Is there a celebrity who seems to follow most of your dos?

In addition to her hosting duties and endorsements, London and business partner Cindy Mc Laughlin co-founded Style for Hire—an online service that matches people with personal stylists that live in their area.Though Kelly has been married to psychologist Damon Bayles since 2009, he freely admits he’s obsessed with how dating works these days: “Whenever I have a single friend anywhere near me, and they’re on their apps … I’m fascinated by how crazy it is now.” The snap judgments the drive online dating are familiar turf for Kelly, who spent 10 years helping women improve the way they presented themselves to the world. “I know that I have a really good friend in my co-host,” he says.“I know that I love the subject matter and it fascinates me.I know the frustration women have when it comes to dating – it’s just brutal!” Kelly admits he’s seeing a lot of the same mistakes all over again with this new series (“too freaky, too casual, too sexy”), and while Simone will fine-tune the daters’ profiles (“she’s got it down to a science”), Kelly will continue to play to his strengths in styling.After she left the studio, she felt a level of confidence so strong that she was able to go home and dump the guy she was seeing who basically treated her like crap.

How often do you hear from people long after they appeared on the show – and are they applying what they’ve learned?

Clinton: To be honest, despite our best efforts over the past decade, we only seem to have gotten through to a small (but important) sliver of the population.

Walk through any airport in America and you’ll quickly notice that 99 percent of people should have been paying more attention to us.

Stacy: I love Jessica Chastain‘s style, and she’s a fan of the show.

Don’t know if her looking gorgeous all the time is a direct result of her viewership, but I’d love to think so!

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