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He said he did not support pill testing to make drug use safer, saying while it had potential for harm minimisation it was not considered effective currently.'The criminal gangs that cook up drugs in bathtubs around Australia ...that put in white powder and substances or make things into pills, they are criminal and they do nothing but harm people,' he told reporters.

If you think they look good for their age then it’s probably true.They start off being nice until they get your number & then they start talking filth & literally admit that they are just looking for a sexual relationship & nothing more. I am starting to lose faith in meeting a genuinely nice guy on these kind of sites.Continuously receive emails saying that some persons want to meet me.Go to app nothing there and when there is it is only trying to direct me to Received fake profile messages wanting me to sign up for other sites. I had spent over a year on pof and apart from the fake profiles, the real woman can't stick to get to know just 1 guy. They become addicted to the attention that they just can't stop lining up the men.Once several woman confessed this too me I was out of there. Years ago this site was great it was FREE it was quality.

Now it says its free when in fact its free to make a profile but if you want to do anything else ya need to upgrade which is NOT what TV etc advertisements say. Also its a scammers den and a lust personals site with no quality anywhere to be seen.

4 people wanted to give me email addresses I sent my email only to find out it was a scam- I need money or can I send you a briefcase or my age is wrong in 15 years younger etc.

All had similar text messages not answering any questions you asked. Other profiles were deleted straight away after I gave my email to them.

Police acting deputy commissioner Gary Budge said the investigation into the source of the drugs was continuing.

Australian Medical Association president Michael Gannon urged people not to 'put anything in their body that you don't know what the contents of it are'.

Didn’t think to come on here and check out the reviews.