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Problem during frost updating

The following change has been made to help bring some additional utility to the Diriga.

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A flash of red ribbons dancing in the breeze is the last thing seen by victims of these deadly throwing daggers.Exploring the ship will require speed and cunning as clouds of Infested spores threatens to consume anything that dares enter.Too dangerous to approach with a landing craft, Tenno will need to deploy Archwing to find an entry point into the drifting ship.Accounts can opt-in at shortly after this Update is live.Be sure to check your spam folder for any confirmation emails.This issue will be resolved as soon as possible, and we apologize for the confusion it has caused during Saryn’s rework period. This update gives the toxic Saryn a lot of love with a brand-new deluxe skin, Sugatra, and a weapon skin that puts a floral touch on the deadly Dual Zoren.

These skins will only be for a limited time, and will be removed from the Market on November 18, at 2 p.m EST.

New Arcane Foundry Button A new button for Arcanes has been added to the Foundry, next to the Components button.

This menu will allow players to sort through their installed and uninstalled Arcanes in a much more organized fashion.

For more information on this sale please visit our full news post here: As an additional security measure for our players 2 Factor Authentication has been integrated into Warframe.

This feature is currently optional, but we encourage players to opt-in and give their account an extra bit of protection against malicious attempts at account access.

The Boar makes its triumphant return with a fresh new visual overhaul.