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Dating galaxy info

The location, Angel’s Landing, is a natural amphitheater carved from the sandstone, and as everyone who has been there would attest, the spot itself is powerful, romantic and peaceful.The spirit that permeates the canyon is tangible and the result was something we’ll never forget.

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The combination and interpretation of the multi-wavelength data-set shows that the galaxy is far simpler than had previously been thought: it has a regular, two-armed spiral structure that is obscured in a highly irregular fashion by gas and dust perturbedby the recent interaction of the last ~220 million years. Gallagher, The Astrophysical Journal, 715-1031, August 20, 2009.This has been colour-coded to show its supergalactic wind running left-right (north-south) and a nearly vertical disk of stars.Broad blue, green and red filters were used to render the relatively smooth stellar disk. Aimed at deciphering the secrets of archetypal starburst galaxy M82, the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph (GMOS) on Gemini North was employed by a team of UK- and US-based astronomers, led by Iraklis Konstantopoulos of University College London (UCL).Fresh evidence suggests that it last erupted two million years ago.Astronomers have long suspected such an outburst occurred, but this is the first time they've been able to date it.The astronomers assembled key data for the largest sample of young extragalactic star clusters to date.

M82 presents a gas, dust and stellar system that has intrigued scientists for decades due to its irregular, dusty appearance and extravagant super-galactic wind (see Figure 1). used the Gemini spectra to derive the age of 49 clusters in the disk, nucleus and halo of the galaxy (Figure 2).

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But in August 2013, Nasa announced it had given up trying to fix two failed reaction wheels, meaning that the mission had to be modified.

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