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Im dating a guy with a kid

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Again, I had to hold in any jealous feelings and be mindful.

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There were constant reminders of her, not only in the kids themselves but in memories, photos, and so on.If we were spending time together, I’d make sure their dad played the parental role.I wasn’t a pushover and if I needed to say no, I did, but I left the real parenting to him.I remember fairly early in our relationship, we were at dinner and out of nowhere his demeanor completely changed from happy to sad.He told me that he missed going out to dinner as a family.I still wanted them to respect me, so if it was something I could answer without feeling like I was overstepping, I would, but everything else I directed to their parents.

It can show you a side of love that you may never have known existed.

It’ll take some time to meet them but when you do, be interested.

The kids had to deal with their parents splitting up, which can be hard, so I knew that meeting them wasn’t going to come right away.

This helped me to focus on keeping our relationship strong. Overall, I knew that I had to be a person that meant a hell of a lot to my boyfriend.

Since he had two little people that depended on him, he wasn’t going to go bringing just anyone into that dynamic.

Just like it was new to me to have kids in my life, having another woman in his and his children’s lives was new to him, too.