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Dating guitar player

They are passionate, emotionally-driven and generally put their music before everything.

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It is definitely not always easy to date a musician.What I mean is someone whose passion in life is playing music.It’s someone who turns to music to express themselves; it’s their true form of communication.Romantic relationships and heartbreak are almost always the inspiration behind a musician’s songs.While we may write you a really touching song, we can just as easily write a really nasty song.By musician, I don’t necessarily mean someone who makes a living playing music.

It’s actually incredibly difficult to make a decent amount of money as a musician.

And when they do ask for their opinion, you should feel honored.

It means they’re genuinely trying to improve their music and value what you have to say. Concerts are where musicians feel most alive and inspired. It’s where they go to see a fellow musician express their art forms.

Musicians are emotional, complex, deep, and passionate.

They express themselves in a very vulnerable way through their music.

Don’t question them about these spending habits; they’ll only get offended. One of the most frustrating things for them is when they have ‘writer’s block’. When a musician is having trouble composing or doesn’t like anything they’re coming up with, watch out. A musician’s original music is like a portal into their mind.