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Discreet live cams

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All of this functionality comes at a price, and that is size; this was by far the largest of all the units we tested. And the speed camera warning must be updated manually, rendering it basically useless.Likes: The P2 Pro uses a capacitor rather than a battery, which prevents overheating and extends the life of the unit. The robust Advanced Driver Assistance (ADA) system takes a moment to calibrate, but those features could really benefit drivers who spend a lot of time on the road. For most users, a dash cam offers peace of mind that things will be recorded in case you are ever involved in an accident.

The Papago P2 Pro could be perfect for a professional driver or just someone looking to upgrade their car with a few fancy features.You’ll find the best spy camera products backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind. No matter what your situation, our wide assortment of hidden spy cameras will enable you to monitor your home or office 24/7.From size, unique features and room types, we've simplified the process of choosing a surveillance system that works within your budget.We mounted these five dash cams to our windshield and took a test drive with each on the highways of New York and through the backroads of Connecticut to test their recording prowess.Forbidden in Switzerland and ubiquitous in Russia, dash cams have generated their own video genre.But with the growing popularity of hilarious and strange dash cam videos, Cobra has realized their entertainment potential.

That's why its Drive HD CDR 900 dash cam is Wi-Fi-enabled.

Just mount the camera on your windshield, plug it in, and as long as your car is running, you're recording.

The 2.3" LCD display is bright, with easy-to-navigate menus allowing you to adjust your camera settings, tweak the sensitivity of the accelerometer, and review any footage you've recorded from the comfort of your car.

Garmin hopes to change all that with its Dash Cam 20.

The Dash Cam 20 is big on simplicity but surprisingly light on extra features.

Users can transfer videos to their smartphone using the free Drive HD app for i OS and Android devices, and then upload them to You Tube or your preferred social media networks.