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What if your soulmate is dating someone else

Either they felt bad or they just, I don’t know it’s awkward at first. I guess you could say I kind of, when you come up in conversation I just sorta bring it up like “Yeah she was born with a cleft palate..” just so people can get over it before they even get on it. C: What’s the best thing about me having a cleft palate?

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S: A couple people asked me why you talked differently and I just said “it’s a cleft palate”–you know. ” and I guess people kinda feel, I guess they feel kinda bad. It’s come up and I’ve told people about it before they have a chance to ask. I don’t let it [cleft palate] define who you are—like, it’s a part of you. And I hope none of those things change how you talk because I like how you sound and who you are.

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