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Updating mouse driver

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It then attempts to install other junk software you won’t want.

The problem: updating drivers manually is hard and takes a very long time.It can be exceptionally difficult to identify which drivers need an update and then find the right drivers online.Plus there's always the risk of installing an incompatible driver that would make your computer unbootable.It’s basically just the Windows tech support phone call scam, but they’re only going after people who have already proven they’ll spend money for questionable software.Other users report the company charged them more than $30 after they attempted to buy a subscription, tacking on “add-ons” that raised the price.This is a recent problem, no idea why its happeneing.

But after some use of my mouse and keyboard, they become totally unresponsive.

The scan is completely free and there's also an option to update all device drivers in a single click.

Every single piece of your hardware needs a driver.

A driver updater program would do all that for you in less than ten minutes.

All you need to do is run a scan and then click on the "Update" button to update all your drivers automatically.

There’s no possible way we have “ancient” drivers from 2006 installed.