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Drudge report not updating

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We’re adding new customization options all the time so if it’s not there yet, just ask!

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Add images, display featured content, and insert ads easily.You can add images and videos directly to the listing or to individual posts.Create your own posts on the site and mix them with external links or post all of one kind.You can also add a feed of Google News links by simply entering a keyword or phrase.The theme can be combined with the WP RSS Aggregator plugin to easily import feed items as posts on your site.Join hundreds of people who are using WP-Drudge to easily create, maintain, and promote their own news curation sites!

We offer two different licenses to meet your needs.

The WP-Drudge news aggregation template makes it easy to create the page you need.

WP-Drudge uses the core Word Press drag-and-drop to make reorganizing your pages simple.

Drag in new widgets and reorganize existing ones quickly.

You can also use all the existing Word Press widgets, as well as any you’d like to install.

Display advertising is a big part of Drudge’s financial success.