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Updating turbotax 2016 to 2016

updating turbotax 2016 to 2016-71

$99 on amazon or Design CAD 3D MAX currently ~$99 on amazon.

as well as other common drawing and design file types.This year, however, Intuit removed these forms for 2014 returns using Deluxe, placing them in the more expensive Turbo Tax Premier or Turbo Tax Home & Business software tiers.This change doesn't negatively affect everyone, however.These attachments to the Form 1040 Tax Return are used to report income and expenses for self-employed individuals (Schedule C), to compute capital gains and losses (Schedule D), and to report income and expenses from rental property, trusts, or estates (Schedule E).If these don't apply to you, then you might not take issue with this year's software. The company made some unpopular changes to its tax return software this year, which has resulted in a customer backlash that has dropped 2014 Turbo Tax Deluxe software to a meager 2-star rating on Amazon.

Intuit has scrambled to make good with users though, and in a final bid to win back unhappy customers, it's now offering a freebie — for some of us.

Intuit did temporarily cut the prices on these products, allowing some users to make money from the rebate, but this didn't last; users upgrading today would lose out by $5 after the rebate if upgrading to Premier, or $10 if upgrading to Home & Business.

Many were also unhappy because claiming the rebate required customers to complete their taxes and e-file before applying.

So it is because of this that I write this post, when asked this question I ask a few simple questions.

Update: since this post is a few years old now and a bit out of date, I have updated the links below to the most recent versions of each software.

The company has now announced that customers will also be allowed to upgrade from within Turbo Tax Deluxe for free, allowing them access to the removed forms.