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Hacked webcam nude

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It is not affiliated in any way with the goods or services that may be parodied. The China-based cyber-spy network known as "Ghost Net" is a sophisticated group of hackers capable of logging its victims' keystrokes, stealing their documents, capturing images from their screens—and staring creepily at them through their webcams.

"Writing the malware is a total triviality" even for middling programmers, Heidt says.There's a general rule that you shouldn't write anything in an e-mail that you wouldn't want shared with the world.Perhaps the same should apply to dancing in your underwear while your laptop is watching.If someone hacks into a webcam, therefore, it's usually a targeted attack. A 15-year-old girl in Texas reported in 2004 that a hacker who took over her computer would eject the disk drive and say things like, "I like your shirt." Then there's spying on people you'd like to keep an eye on, such as, say, your spouse.One could see this being useful for private investigators, though PIs I spoke with say they don't know of anyone hacking into webcams as part of their work.Amateur porn found on Hacked ex-Gf computers, webcams, smartphones, emails & social networks - All 100% Real and Amateur.

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The practice dates back to 1998, when a group of hackers calling itself the Cult of the Dead Cow designed a piece of software that, when downloaded onto a computer, let someone control the machine remotely.

Anything you could do sitting at your desk, they could do thousands of miles away, from creating documents to playing MP3s to popping open the disk drive.

"The technology is there for it to happen," says Charles Mc Laughlin, a PI in Andover, Mass.

"But in the private sector, although there are some characters willing to break the law, most reputable PIs don't." You might get away with it if you install the spyware own your own computer—say, the one in the bedroom—but even that gets into shady legal territory. By accessing a computer's microphone, you turn the computer into a bug.

In 2008, a Canadian man told young girls that he had nude pictures of them and would post them on the Internet unless they posed for him again. For example, the Department of Defense has regulations about where you can carry a laptop.