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Pros and cons of dating an older woman

Normal vision returns within hours and patients can return to work after about two days.CONS: There is a risk of complications because the procedure includes manually cutting into the cornea.

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The cornea is then lasered and the epithelium is replaced. The epithelium is partially retained, so will provide faster healing.Yet not all surgeons operating on the High Street have this and mistakes occur.For example, too much of the cornea may be trimmed, which could result in permanent sight problems, although this happens in only a fraction of cases.It is not suitable for anyone with thin corneas or for people who regularly play contact sports, such as rugby, because the cornea can be weakened by the process and therefore could detach more easily if the eye is hit. The laser is then used to shape the cornea to improve the ability to focus.The lasering takes seconds and the whole process takes around 20 minutes.Afterwards a protective 'bandage' contact lens is placed on the eye to seal it while the epithelium grows back, which takes between four and seven days. PROS: Because no flap is cut into the cornea, it's less invasive than other techniques such as LASIK, which means there's a lower risk of the cornea weakening.

CONS: Rarely performed any more because there are other superior techniques that are less painful and more precise.

More worryingly, the same report found that many clinics are not explaining the risks, nor are they warning people that, for some, laser surgery might not mean an end to glasses for good.

'The results can be fantastic,' says Professor David Gartry, a spokesman for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and a consultant surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

The corneal flap is then brought back over the eye.

There is no need for stitches as the flap will be held in place by a natural vacuum. PROS: Corrects moderate sight imperfections with minimal discomfort.

(Laser surgery cannot help with age-related sight loss, which affects millions in middle age as the lenses in their eyes become less flexible.) As with any operation, laser surgery is not risk-free.