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Dating gifts and collectibles

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Unfortunately, I do not have any additional reference material, so I am unable to look up specific shares for you, but I hope this page helps in your search.

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For the first item you list that sells within 15 days of items listing date, you will receive a $10 Coupon good toward a future e Bay purchase.If not, you can always sign up for a Groupon account without using Facebook.Sale into winter with this mind-blowing Valentine's Day sale at Vera Bradley!One can find out if it has been cancelled, along with a reason.If the corporation is still active, a record of the current corporate headquarters address can be obtained.Wonder if your old stock certificates have any value? We track back your certificates for the lowest fee on the internet!

"Stock Search International - This company has been helping investors establish the value of old stocks and bonds since 1969, and their efforts allow people to recover lost funds from unlisted securities thought to be "worthless".

Financial Post Predecessor & Defunct - Basic Search Financial Post Predecessor & Defunct - Advanced Search With the state and date of incorporation information from the stock certificate, one can contact the "division of corporations", usually found under the "Secretary of State" responsibilities.

The objective is to determine the status of the corporate charter.

WHACO Washington Historical Autograph and Certificate Organization is a service organization for collectors of historic autographs, stocks, bonds, certificates and Scripophily related items.

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