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Corded Ware in Scandinavia and at the tip of Southern Finland has no evidence of language used, afaik there is no evidence of any IE language.‘Aryan Manifest’ and ‘Aryan superiority’ say what is behind these peculiar theories.

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edit I was wrong, there is some Finnish looking, but very few.Only on Polako's plots when he wants to show our common Mongoloid admix :)I wasn't referring to Polako's plots.On both 23and Me and de CODEme, Finns and Russians plot close with each other, and on de CODEme, Russians and Finns fall outside of the main European cluster; basically slightly detached from it, because of the minor Mongoloid admixture.Turkic speakers are probably to be credited with the linguistic death of Tocharian as well as with the assimilation of numerous Iranian speakers across the Asiatic steppe, and ultimately with the effective collapse of Greek as the major language of Anatolia. Research into the essential structure of the world's languages revealed several basic types depending on how grammatical elements were indicated – inflected, agglutinative, and analytic.Although these were originally only typological classifications, many could not resist interpreting them as various stages in the evolution of language.A tendency to see the Indo-European languages as inherently those of the superstrate can be found widely in literature on the Indo-Europeans.

This form of ‘Aryan manifest destiny’ ultimately calls into question the whole process of expansion.

A ‘simple’ word-based language (analytic) such as Chinese, for example, was placed on the bottom of the scale.

Languages were then seen to develop to the agglutinative type (as in Altaic and Uralic languages where separate endings are added to nouns) and, ultimately, to the inflected type, such as Indo-European.

On 23andme's plots we are not close; some Eastern Finns are, but other Finns are much closer Norwegians and Swedes.

On Decodeme's plots we are close only on the global view because it overestimates the Siberian admix.

On European map we are not close at all, because it covers European affinity, 93% of our genes, while the global view weights the 7% Siberian admix. Yeah whatever, Finnish-Russian conflicts is not topic.