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Updating my gps maps

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New cost-effective database options along with built-in Wi-Fi database updating capabilities allow customers to more easily access the most up-to-date data, including daily U. Dedicated Compact Portable Navigator The Garmin aera 660 features a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen display that is optimized for cockpits and various types of flying.

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Changing the on screen options is simple compared to my older 10 year old unit. The compact 5-inch capacitive touchscreen boasts a bright, sunlight readable display complete with rich, interactive maps and a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver that can be viewed in portrait or landscape modes for optimum customization.The aera 660 encompasses many of the features of the renowned aera and GPSMAP aviation portable series, adding new Connext wireless capabilities, Garmin Wire Aware wire-strike avoidance technology and more. Bluetooth supports the display of ADS-B "In" traffic and weather1 from a variety of sources, including the GDL 39/GDL 39 3D, Flight Stream and the GTX 345 ADS-B transponder.The new Google Maps API V2 for Android doesn’t have much in the documentation or examples for how to deal with the my Location layer.I wanted to achieve similar functionality to the my Location Overlay in the old API.That's why we use cookies to improve our sites, to offer information based on your interests and to interact with social media.

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Basically, I want to wait until the user’s location is known, then center the map on that spot.

To do this with the new API, you need to define a custom Location Source implementation, then respond appropriately when the user’s location is determined.

Depending on settings and external connections, pilots will receive up to 4 hours of battery life on a single charge.

An intuitive user interface resembles that of the popular GTN 650/750 touchscreen series, aera 795/796 series and the Garmin Pilot app, so pilots can easily transition between the aera 660 and other Garmin products in the cockpit.

Note that there are significant differences between this online version and the published version.