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Small fish big pond dating

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By default as musicians, we let our heads reside firmly in the clouds; a place where we can venture to areas others dare not go, a place that provides a sanctuary for self exploration and imagination.Whilst these romantic qualities of an artist can be a gift to themselves and the rest of the world, they can equally expose their vulnerability and become the bait for those wanting to have a piece of what they consider to be elusive and special.

However, you just don’t realise what a musical “genius” Jasper really is.As a singer-songwriter who has been working at my craft for quite some time, I can confirm the age old cliche – there are sharks in the industry.Sharks comes in various different shapes and sizes; some like to dress up in top hats and coattails, while others prefer to sport a knitted jumper and a pair of converses to make sure that they can tear down some walls by trying to relate to you in some way.If you haven’t listened to her material yet, then get on over to her website ASAP!Corinna Jane: To Spot Sharks As A Small Fish In A Big Pond…After a little research, you’ll find that in reality he is a jobless thirty-something still shacked up in his mummy’s cottage, play pretending to be music mogul of the year. Gary the Business Guy Unlike our other examples, Gary has actually managed to build a reasonably successful empire, which can be backed up with a quick google search.

However, Gary’s business dealings leave a little to be desired.

So for now save yourself from Del Boy Trotter’s management deal until he’s got something to show for it!

Jasper the Failed Rock Star: Jasper spent his twenties as the frontman of the band that wrote those classics that never were who were practically as big as The Killers – YOU just didn’t know about them!

One night, Barry thinks he’s spotted a young diamond in the rough and thinks it’s time to take his music credentials up a notch.

As the night draws to a close, he decides in a flash of inspiration that he is going to give music management “a go”.

Simply put – listen to that gut, if it feels wrong, it is wrong. Find out how Quite Great can get your band noticed – contact us today.