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While validating that device serial0 was really a serial port

while validating that device serial0 was really a serial port-26

So before we went on this trip, I wanted to have a professional marine electrician finish up the installation.I improvised a charging solution so that the engine wouldn’t die on the way, and drove the boat over to Modu Tech Marine.

We shut off the engine a couple hundred yards off shore, and mooched until sunset.While we had replaced all the batteries, and purchased and mounted a new alternator, it wasn’t hooked up properly.I couldn’t figure it out as the wiring did not match up to any of the diagrams on the instructions that came with it.Based on the hardware specs, it should be very possible. The very good folks on cruisersforum have been hard at work trying to solve this problem, and over the past few days I resurrected this project took a stab at using the latest versions.On a new board and SD card, the recipe below was used to create a working version of the RPi2 that meets these performance goals.The network uses EIGRP as its routing protocol throughout the corporation.

The network administrator does not understand the convergence of EIGRP.

I immediately shut off the engine, and went downstairs to investigate — everything appeared to be in order.

I tried to turn over the engine again, and it made a more grating metal-on-metal sound.

It was clearly not right, and mechanical — exactly like this: Prior to the trip there was a ton of work to do.

Last summer we had a bit of an electrical issue on board, and lost our alternator and house bank of batteries.

This also shows 24 AIS Targets in a list, as well as xgps running in the background. These vessels were approximately three miles away from my current location On and off for the past few months I’ve been trying to figure out a problem with Open GL and the Raspberry Pi 2.