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Rap is often associated with, and is a primary ingredient of hip-hop music, but the origins of the phenomenon predate hip-hop culture.

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However, Kool Herc himself denies this link (in the 1984 book Hip Hop), saying, "Jamaican toasting? I liked [WWRL DJ] Hank Spann too, but he wasn't on the one.It was called "rap", expanding the word's earlier meaning in the African-American community—"to discuss or debate informally." Grandmaster Caz states: "The microphone was just used for making announcements, like when the next party was gonna be, or people's moms would come to the party looking for them, and you have to announce it on the mic.Different DJs started embellishing what they were saying.The early productions of Rap after Disco sought a more simplified manner of producing the tracks they were to sing over.Williams explains how Rap composers and DJ's opposed the heavily orchestrated and ritzy multi-tracks of Disco for "break beats" which were created from compiling different records from numerous genres and did not require the equipment from professional recording studios.With the decline of disco in the early 1980's rap became a new form of expression.

Rap arose from musical experimentation with rhyming, rhythmic speech. Sherley Anne Williams refers to the development of rap as "anti-Disco" in style and means of reproduction.

Jazz, which developed from the blues and other African-American and European musical traditions and originated around the beginning of the 20th century, has also influenced hip hop and has been cited as a precursor of hip hop.

Not just jazz music and lyrics but also jazz poetry.

I would make an announcement this way, and somebody would hear that and they add a little bit to it. The inspiration for rap is James Brown and the album Hustler's Convention".

I'd hear it again and take it a little step further 'til it turned from lines to sentences to paragraphs to verses to rhymes." One of the first rappers at the beginning of the hip hop period, at the end of the 1970s, was also hip hop's first DJ, DJ Kool Herc. and that while in Jamaica, he was listening to James Brown: "I was listening to American music in Jamaica and my favorite artist was James Brown. A lot of the records I played were by James Brown." However, in terms of what we identify in the 2010s as "rap" the source came from Manhattan.

people like Blind Lemon Jefferson and the field hollers.