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Amy winehouse dating paul

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Amy told the earlier this month: "It's good, it's going well, it's going really well. The 27-year-old singer posted the outburst on the microblogging site at 5.16am last Friday after Ronson's BBC Two interview with Jools Holland was broadcast, in which he claimed to have "dreamed up" all the rhythm and backing arrangements for her 2006 album.

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Even without the reference to “Withnail & I,” the great mid-eighties British comedy about unemployed actors, it’s a lovely sentence: precise and unsentimental.Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.Ronson, the son of wealthy Jewish parents, is considered one of the most agreeable figures in the music business.Winehouse, who is also Jewish, is well known for her volatile temper.They have about them the air of elsewhere, that they’re looking through you to somewhere else they’d rather be. The priority of any addict is to anaesthetise the pain of living to ease the passage of the day with some purchased relief. Celebrity addicts, Brand says, are a special case; they activate, through media obsession, all available circuits of admiration, envy, and schadenfreude.

My ears, my mouth, my heart and mind all instantly opened. But in what’s most interesting about the piece is not what it says about celebrity, but what it says about talent.

Although she still did manage to injure herself later in the evening, when the celebrations moved on from the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square to the Jet Black bar in Haymarket.

She emerged with a painful-looking scrape on her shin.

Brand recalls his bemusement at hearing that Winehouse was a “jazz singer”; it struck him as “bizarrely anomalous in that crowd,” and “placed Amy beyond an invisible boundary of relevance.” The recollection is set into a broader portrait of addiction that includes an unsparing self-portrait: I was myself at that time barely out of rehab and was thirstily seeking less complicated women so I barely reflected on the now glaringly obvious fact that Winehouse and I shared an affliction, the disease of addiction.

All addicts, regardless of the substance or their social status share a consistent and obvious symptom; they’re not quite present when you talk to them.

At 6am this morning, a contrite Winehouse posted on her Twitter page: "ronson i love you; that make it better?