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Updating office 2016 beta

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This has the nice added side-benefit of making Office more useful on Windows 10, giving an additional incentive to upgrade. You can get Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows and Mac as one-time, boxed software releases just as you've always bought them if you really want to.

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The Office 2016 Public Preview will let anyone download the new versions of Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook to their PC and try them out.Microsoft is still in the process of adding features to the apps before their official release later this year, but the Public Preview contains some interesting marquee features, like the ability to collaborate on a Word document in real time inside the desktop application.Microsoft already rolled out real-time co-authoring to the Office Online app suite, and it is now in the process of bringing that feature to the desktop in Office 2016.In addition to the public preview, the company also announced that it’s bringing Sway, its newest piece of productivity software, to Office 365 for enterprise and education users.Starting later this month, most people who have an Office 365 subscription at their business or school will be able to use those credentials to log in to Sway and start collaborating on documents through that service.There aren't a lot of surprises, especially since Office 2016 has been available in beta form since early this year.

But the biggest surprise is how Microsoft is now thinking of Office.

Word will be the first app to support the feature, with others getting it later.

Office 2016 will also take advantage of machine learning techniques to make itself more useful.

As with Microsoft’s other preview applications, it’s worth remembering that this is pre-release software, which means that it will come with bugs.

The company recommends that people who plan to install the apps also understand how to revert to an older version of Office, just in case they want to reverse their decision.

Which means that Office 2016 signals a shift in how Microsoft sells you Office: Buy it once, and you get a good product.