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He seems to have been extraordinarily adventurous as well.Dr Susan Martinez describes Erectus as a sort of army of conquest calling them “Druks.” They lived in what I call Pit Houses, basically, as they hollowed out ground to sleep and live in in the same fashion as Pit Houses are made roughly.

And being good creatures of ambition and conquest that means they likely interbred with any and all populations they encountered as all good armies do! Dr Jeff Meldrum of the University of Idaho believes Bigfoot is some version of Gigantopithecus, a alleged “extinct” Asian giant ape.I would also say that if Erectus was in the Americas then we should find these genes in Native American populations as well.Homo erectus seems to have been a very ambitious species or breed of ancient human!He also believes Homo erectus is the hairy men, ape men, reported for a long time in the deep forests near Taitao, Chile.Whittal notes the research of Daniel Garrigan and his colleagues at the University of Arizona in Tucson.Some researchers have even theorized that these brave souls even sailed down the Mississippi River and came into the Gulf of Mexico and possibly ended up on the coast of the Yucatan where their encounters with the Natives may not have ended well. Researchers have speculated that these Viking explorers and colonizers of the New World long before the arrival of Columbus may have taken a few Native American women along with them on their voyage back to Europe.

This would have been about 500 years before Columbus returned to Spain with a few captive Native Americans.

And the team also discovered that the oldest form of RRM2P4 is found NOT IN AFRICA but in ASIA! Some researchers believe Homo erectus may have been still alive 30 kya in Asia. No matter what it is the OOA people are forever trying to relate it back to Africa in their unwavering support for the Out of Africa theory……I said….. Whittall also notes the work of Etienne Patin and his team that conducted research into the human N-acetyltransferase genes and its two variants, NAT1 and NAT2.

This could have made it very possible for interbreeding to occur between Homo erectus and modern humans and, thus, pass on some of their (Erectus) genes to us! Patin found evidence to support the RRM2P4 findings by the U of A researchers!

Of course there are those who argue the point claiming there is no way and no proof of modern humans interbreeding with H. The NAT1 and 2 genes are not found in sub-Saharan Africa so if it did originate there as OOA supporters claim then it died out, conveniently.

In Asia the gene is about 2 myr which falls within the time of H. Patin and his team also concluded that it is “likely” modern humans got these genes via “hybridization” with “pre-existing hominids in Eurasia” (ie: Homo erectus)!!

We know that these Vikings set up colonies on the shores of North America around 1000 AD.