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Despite his somewhat stern appearance, Savannah says she found a man who, at heart, was “a soft little teddy bear.” After seven months of a long-distance relationship, Savannah moved in with Frank in Truro. Savannah insists she was the better shot, though she missed her mark one memorable day. ’ I felt horrible, but at the same time, I couldn’t stop laughing.” Bryce Haight, a fellow RCMP officer, was, as Savannah jokingly called him, Frank’s “work wife.” The two worked together in Traffic Services at the Amherst detachment in Nova Scotia in 2015.In 2010 they moved to Ottawa when Frank was accepted as one of the 32 riders in the RCMP’s iconic Musical Ride. “I had a Blackberry, and I said when I upgrade my phone, I am shooting this one.” When the day came, Frank, wanting to record the event, propped up his new i Phone next to Savannah’s Blackberry about 60 metres away. “Frank,” says Bryce, “was a little bit of a legend in the area for his work ethic, determination and drive.” Frank and Bryce patrolled highways and used quads and snowmobiles to enforce traffic laws and intercept drugs.

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In 2002, she founded Art Corp, a group of 25 women from artistic and corporate backgrounds who focus on developing unique ways to foster creativity in the workplace and at home.“He always liked to be involved in some activity,” says Marie-Paule. In his teenage years he attended summer camps in places like Bathurst and Moncton, N.B., where he canoed, hiked and practised orienteering. In 2001, he established The Keg Spirit Foundation to help charitable organizations that develop and mentor young people. A key element in all of David’s endeavours is a strong focus on giving back. Most importantly, the Foundation has been an inspiration for thousands of Keg staff to give back to those less fortunate both in their communities and around the world.

The $5.5 million distributed since The Foundation’s inception is a source of great pride for all those involved.

She is a past Member of the Toronto TELUS Community Board (4 years); Board Member of the Art of Time Ensemble (6 years); Member of the Steering Committee for the City of Toronto’s Creative Capital initiative (3 years); and Vice President of the Health Arts Society Ontario (5 years).

She is a Member of the Canada 150 Advisory Committee for the City of Toronto, and an active volunteer in community.

“His head was always on a swivel, which made things safer for me at work.” In 2014, Frank took Savannah on a long motorcycle trip to the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, where he proposed.

They finally married on May 27, 2017, on the 10th anniversary of the day they first met in person.

In addition to being the owner and CEO of The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, Canada’s premier casual dining brand, his restaurant collection includes KI modern japanese bar, Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar, The Shore Club, and Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar.