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Alice’s father preferred not to elaborate on why he and his wife took the decision to make sure Nyberg, then called Nicholas and living as a twentysomething man, was never given unsupervised contact with Alice, 8.As the following logs reveal, ten years ago a then-twentysomething Nyberg developed an obsession with Alice, when the latter was just 8 years old.

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Not only did Nyberg share photos of her then 8-year old cousin with her associates online, but she also referred to her cousin by her real name and provided all the information needed to track someone down not just today in the age of Facebook but then, too, by simply using the Yellow Pages.In her view, naked pictures of children “isn’t cp.” (CP is web slang for child pornography.) There seem to have been other members of the FFShrine chat room Nyberg operated who had similar inclinations.One member, writing under the pseudonym “Ego” tells the group that he is “waiting on the little neighbour twins to develop.” In response, Nyberg requests pictures of them.“I used to think 5/6/7 was too young, but Alice changed my mind,” Nyberg writes.In another FFShrine post, Nyberg boasts about how she plans to “finally get pictures of her,” telling chatroom members that “it’s all about Alice man.” Nyberg kept her promise, and later, shared a folder of images of Alice with a fellow chat room member. In another exchange on FFShrine, she goes on to talk about Alice wearing a bathing suit.Nyberg joked about using FFShrine as a grooming forum.

“We use FFShrine to lure unsuspecting kiddies into our gingerbread house,” she writes at one point.

The logs have been dissected by amateur sleuths on You Tube, such as “Leo Pirate,” whose video on the subject had attracted nearly 70,000 views as we went to press.

The logs themselves are still available in several locations online.

Nyberg specifically names her then 8-year-old cousin using the latter’s real name and describes in detail how they are related.

Using the information Nyberg posted online we were easily able to locate and contact Alice’s parents, who said they knew nothing about these logs but had made sure that Nyberg and their daughter had never been left alone together.

There are tens of thousands of pages of FFShrine chat logs, and they have not been comprehensively swept.