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Updating garmin map sd card

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However, the same map SD card can be used in various compatible Garmin devices but only one at a time.CAUTION: If uploading or downloading software please be aware that a micro SD card has no copy/overwrite protection - unlike a full size SD card which provides the means for you 'lock' the card to prevent the erasing of data.

These will include the identification 2016 or 2017, typically '2017.20'.Garmin do recommend that customers continue to update their devices.This is the most likely reason why your Garmin device is not recognising the new map card.IMPORTANT: Using pre-programmed memory cards to transfer Map Source map data overwrites the pre-programmed data.To prevent losing any pre-programmed data, use a blank memory card to transfer Map Source data.Please bear in mind that you won’t ‘see’ the North America mapping on screen, or any other World mapping (such as Australia, South Africa, China etc.) which you may have purchased, until you are at that location.

Trying to plan a route whilst in the UK will probably produce an error - simply because your Garmin device cannot find a driveable route across the Atlantic Ocean.

The latest Garmin City Navigator Full Europe and North America maps on SD/micro SD are NOT compatible with the nuvi 300 and nuvi 600 series sat navs. This is because these devices cannot handle the size of SD/micro SD Card which is in excessive of 2GB.

When these sat navs were first released the full Europe map only contained Western Europe, whereas the latest map contains both Eastern and Western Europe.

This map is simply a road and POI (points of interest) database which your device will use to show the latest roads and POI.

Please be assured that the new mapping will not remove any features that you already have.

Similarly, the North America map used to contain United States of America and Canada, the latest version additionally now includes Mexico.