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or kongerekka) begins in 872: the traditional dating of the Battle of Hafrsfjord, after which victorious King Harald Fairhair merged several petty kingdoms into that of his father.Named after the homonymous geographical region, Harald's realm was later to be known as the Kingdom of Norway.

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The following table uses the dates given in Norsk biografisk leksikon/Store norske leksikon.These are key localities of existing regional reconstructions of ice recession in this area.Despite some spread in age results from each locality due to methodological challenges associated with surface exposure dating, the large numbers of samples from each site except Kjæs still allow for obtaining clusters of similar ages which are used for arriving at a likely chronology of ice front retreat.Some rulers from this era are not traditionally considered lawful kings and are usually omitted from lists of monarchs. Kings of Norway used many additional titles between 14, such as King of the Wends, King of the Goths, Duke of Schleswig, Duke of Holstein, Prince of Rügen, and Count of Oldenburg.They called themselves Konge til Norge ("King to Norway"), rather than Konge af Norge ("King of Norway"), indicating that the country was their personal possession, usually with the style His Royal Majesty.As before, the Danes controlled the petty kingdoms of Viken as vassals, while the two Earls of Lade, Eric Haakonsson and Sweyn Haakonsson, ruled Western Norway and Trøndelag, nominally as earls under Sweyn.

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After Harald's death, Eric ruled as "overking" of his brothers, who also held status as kings and had control over certain regions.

All dates for the kings of the Fairhair dynasty are approximate and/or just scholarly estimates.

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