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Though nearly a quarter-mile away, the sound of the engine is still distinct as the car whistles through the traps. Membership has its privileges but also its costs; the Vector W8 Twin Turbo retails for a cool $283,750, pricier than the Lamborghini ($211,000) but less than the Ferrari (a U. Gesturing toward the engine bay of a Vector under construction, he said, "This is not a tiny little motor tweaked to death.

The rear brakes are fighting a losing battle with the V-8's torque and the car inches forward, sliding locked front ties over the pavement.As beautifully done as the engine itself are the mounting plates that position it transversely in the bay.Blue anodized and relief-milled from billets of aluminum , one bolts to the accessory side of the block, and the other doubles as an engine/transmission adapter plate.A weak economy and damaging criticism from the automotive press dashed efforts to secure financial backing, he says, and his dream of producing a ground-bound fighter plane for the street seemed destined to remain just a dream.Wiegert deserves some sort of medal for perseverance, some award for sheer tenacity.He explains, "If [the structure] is all monocoque, you get a lot of twist to it, and it's tough to build it accurately.

If it's all space frame, you smack one area and you impact everything else because every tube takes all the load.

Bucking incredible odds and ignoring the wailing ghosts of failed Tucker, De Lorean and Bricklin ventures. in Wilmington, California is, at long last, staged for producing one car per week.

Naysayers need only visit the final assembly area, where the two cars we photographed were being prepped for shipment to their new owners in Switzerland (the first production Vector W8 Twin-Turbo was sold to a Saudi Arabian prince, an addition to his 25-car collection, which also contains a Porsche 959 and a Bentley Turbo R).

Bundles of braided stainless-steel hose, with anodized red and blue fittings, are used to route fluids throughout.

The engine's crowning glory is its exposed intercooler package, fabricated from aluminum and polished to a blinding sheen.

From sketches to foam models to a full-size mockup, the Vector was displayed for the first time at the Los Angeles Auto Expo in 1976.