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Updating a windows profile

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In the event that a trusted public certificate is used this is not an issue, but this is a rare to impossible scenario as discussed in this blog article.

Typically the certificate issued to the Lync Front End server is from an internal private Certificate Authority, which unfortunately means the device cannot automatically download the update without intervention.This confirms that the device does not inherently trust the certificate assigned to the Lync server so the root CA certificate which signed the Lync server certificate must be downloaded to the phone.At this point the device should now have the required root certicate in its store to support TLS communications with the Lync Server.When a Lync Phone Edition device is powered up and receives a successful DHCP lease it will look for the commonly used DHCP Option 15 parameter which provides a single .In an environment that contains multiple domain names then Option 119 can be leveraged to provide more than one domain name to the client.In these cases it will still be required to update Tanjay device in a two-step process to get to a supported version.

The oldest tested version which could successfully register to a Lync 2013 server is 3.5.6907.187.

How can a device which cannot register to the server download an update from the server when it needs to first register to be provided the device update server information?

This might mean that the device would instead need to be connected to and registered to Lync 2010 server first, then updated to CU7 or higher, no? There is one alternative which would allow any previous version of Lync Phone Edition to download an update package directly from a Lync 2013 server without even the ability to first successfully register to it.

As of the writing of this article the most recent firmware release is from April 2013 (CU8 or 4.0.7577.4387).

Understand that although Microsoft officially supports Lync Phone Edition with Lync Server 2013 starting with this CU7 release it is often still possible to register directly to Lync Server 2013 environments with many older firmware versions.

Microsoft continues to release semi-quarterly Cumulative Updates of firmware for the various LPE models.